The I DESIGN Project seeks to recognize the democratization of design in today’s world. That is, we want to show that all of us have the tools and most importantly the need to be designers in one way or another.

Whether you have decorated a cake, made a flyer for a yardsale, or even customized your MySpace profile, you have organized visual content in an intentional way. That means you’re a designer!

Our gallery contains evidence of designers from all around the world. Take a look and see what kinds of things your fellow designers are up to! And, why not let us know what you design as well?

If you wish to be a part of the I DESIGN Project, send us a photo of yourself holding a sign with the words I DESIGN __________, and fill in the blank. This is known as your design tag.

Please send your photo by midnight eastern time on Sunday, October 4 for it to be included in the project. Send it to along with your general location and your profession.

So, what do you design?